QSM – Quantum Scanning Microscope

We are proud to present the QSM, the first turnkey instrument which uses scanning NV technology. The QSM is a next-generation scanning probe microscope based on quantum metrology. Our QSM provides new capabilities and unmatched performance in the quantitative magnetic analysis of nanoscale surfaces and device elements (see Applications).

At a glance

  • Turn-key instrument
  • Magnetic field resolution better than 50 nm and 10 uT (vector)
  • Low drift scanning stage
  • Optimised optical performance over the NV emission band
  • Simple tip exchange
  • Compatible with multiple excitation wavelengths

Key specifications

Key specifications include (contact us for further detail):

Operating modesNV mode, NV quenching mode, AFM mode, MOKE mode
Scan range90x90x15 um, 0.2 nm resolution, 6 mm coarse range, closed loop
Drift rate<6nm/h with 0.3° C of temperature stability
Magnetic spatial resolution30-70 nm (read how it works)
Magnetic sensitivity1-10 uT/Hz^{1/2} (depends on probe tip; read how it works)
Optimised optical system >10% increase in optical transmission compared to standard CFM setups
MOKE microscopeThe QSM includes a polar magneto-optical Kerr effect mode to quickly determine areas of interest
Compatible with green, red and yellow excitation wavelengths

Download the instrument flyer here!

How to order

Contact us for further information or a quotation.

The following features are included in the QSM systems:

  • Scanning force microscope and controller, closed-loop control
  • Optics head including NV excitation and detection channels, MOKE microscope, two bright field imaging systems including a pair of independent LEDs and CCD cameras
  • Sample holder
  • Sensor holder with force-feedback and integrated microwave connectivity
  • Quantum control console including optical and microwave excitation and detection capabilities
  • QS3 quantum control software package with an intuitive user interface

You can customize the system with additional options:

  • Time-domain option providing powerful pulsed quantum control and AC detection capabilities. Includes hardware and software suite.
  • Vector electromagnet option providing switchable vector fields up to 80 mT


The QSM integrates all the capabilities of an NV scanning probe in a turnkey instrument. It sets a new standard for users who do not want to go through the time-consuming process of developing or adapting their own instrument. The QSM is delivered ready to measure and, with an intuitive user interface, it enables a quick start into the world of magnetic and current imaging.

To ensure the most crucial attribute, low drift, we have partnered with a specialist for AFM measurements. By using a proven platform, we can guarantee minimal distortion even for scans lasting tens of hours.

We combined all of the required optics into a robust and compact package which requires minimal maintenance while providing the performance necessary for high quality scans. The optics can move away to grant easy access to the tip and the sample for exchange.

Tips exchange is now easier than ever! The process is user friendly, significantly reduces the chance of breaking the tip and the microwave antenna is pre aligned.