Quantum Sensor Tips

Improve your setup by using our state-of-the-art quantum sensors. Each scanning tip is delivered assembled and characterised, making it easy to use in your experiment.

Contact us for a quotation and/or technical support.


  • Plug-and-play quantum sensors
  • Highest count rate and contrast
  • Single crystal diamond
  • Compatible with attoAFM/CFM microscope

We can customise the scanning tips to your specific needs and are happy to provide test samples to verify that our tips fit your setup.

How to order

To provide you with a quote:

First, choose the orientation of the cantilever with regard to the contact pads, which can either be “Up” or “Down” (fore more information, refer to the specifications).

Second, choose how much contrast you require. We offer three bins, better than 15%, 20% and 25% contrast.

Next, specify your desired count rate (better than 350 kC/s at maximum contrast) and whether hyperfine splitting is visible.

Last, send us an email!


Each tip is rigorously characterized and is delivered with a test certificate, providing you with the NV performance and orientation. A general overview of our specifications is given below:

Count rate at maximum contrast (0.75 NA)100-700 kC/s
Saturation count rate (0.75 NA)0.3-1.2 MC/s
Implantation Depth10 nm
Hyperfine splitting visibleon request
NV Orientation100
Nominal magnetic sensitivity (read how it works)1 uT/Hz^{1/2}


Each scanning tip consists of a ceramic chip carrier, a tuning fork distance sensor and a diamond tip with a single NV centre at the apex. The tip is attached to the tuning fork via a silicon cantilever. A number of different options are available to customise the tip for your application.

Our diamond tips are shaped from an electronic grade, single crystal diamond membrane. The tips are between 0.8 and 3 um high with a tip diameter between 150-350 nm.

A 32 kHz quartz tuning fork operating in shear mode is used as a force-feedback sensor. The contact footprint on the ceramic chip carrier is Akiyama compatible. The entire sensor is vacuum and cryo compatible.

For more technical details, view the specification sheet.