NV scanning probes can be used in a wide variety of experiments. The precise measurement of magnetic fields, coupled with a detailed AFM image that is recorded simultaneously allow for very accurate reconstructions of magnetic surfaces or electric currents that can be resolved in unseen nm-resolution.

The QZabre represents a new generation of scanning sensors that exploit quantum metrology to achieve unprecedented sensitivities combined with sub-50 nm spatial resolution. Key applications include the vector field analysis of magnetic nanostructures, quantitative analysis of current distributions, imaging of biomagnetic or bioelectric signals, and nanoscale thermometry. A further description about the working principle of scanning diamond magnetometry and its range of applications is given here.

The QZabre has been designed to support one specific application: Scanning quantum magnetometry experiments based on a single nitrogen-vacancy in diamond. Its application requires a combined optical and scanning probe microscope with a single photon detection capability. In addition, a microwave antenna and a suitable microwave generation are required. We are happy to provide suggestions on suitable equipment for your specific application.


Alignment of the microwave antenna (left) and the tuning fork with the attached diamond (right) in one of our setups with the objective lens above.