The QZabre is an integrated sensor chip for scanning quantum magnetometry experiments. Order now.

Qzabre on cards

At a Glance

The QZabre is a unique scanning probe that enables researchers to perform NV magnetometry experiments without going through the difficulties of probe assembly and tip fabrication. At its heart, it is a high-quality diamond tip that incorporates a single nitrogen-vacancy center at the apex. The diamond tip is attached to a quartz tuning fork for precise distance control and mounted on a convenient plug-and-play sensor chip.


Key Features

  • Diamond probe tip etched from high-quality, single crystalline diamond
  • Single nitrogen-vacancy at typically 10 nm from the tip apex
  • Piezoelectric control of z-distance via tuning fork sensor
  • Precise control of tip tilt enablingĀ  imaging resolution <50 nm
  • Simple and easy chip mount
  • Compatible with the Attocube attoAFM/CFM microscope