Welcome to QZabre, your experts in NV scanning diamond magnetometry. We offer NV scanning tips and turn-key scanning diamond microscopes.

Nitrogen Vacancy Quantum Sensing Tip

Quantum Sensor Tips

The QZabre probe is a unique integrated sensor chip for scanning quantum magnetometry experiments.

Our probes employ a single magnetic impurity in diamond (NV center) as an atomic-size magnetic quantum sensor.

Our diamond tips offer highest performance: single crystal quality, high brightness, several contrast grades. Each probe is hand made and customized to your needs.

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Nitrogen Vacancy Quantum Sensing Microscope QSM

QSM – Quantum Scanning Microscope

QZabre is proud to offer the world’s first compact, turn-key scanning NV magnetometer instrument.

The QSM is a next-generation scanning probe microscope based on our diamond sensor technology. Exploiting the principles of quantum metrology, the QSM provides unmatched performance in high resolution and quantitative magnetic analysis of surfaces.

Our microscope is based on a proven, low-drift design. It combines closed-loop scanning, large coarse range and high efficiency optics with an intuitive user interface and simple tip exchange.

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